Consigning With Sewrenity Creations

Consigning your dress

Consigning your wedding dress with Sewrenity Creations is a safe and easy way to resell your dress. Selling your wedding dress is an act of generosity to another bride, eases the burden on our environment, frees up closet space and helps recoup some of your money back from your wedding!

We make the consignment process effortless for you! There are no phone calls, emails or random meet-ups with potential buyers! We do all the work for you! If your dress is accepted into our inventory, we’ll take good care of it and work our tails off to find it another happy bride! The plus about consigning with Sewrenity Creations is that we are able to do any minor fixes and dry cleaning right in our studio as well as any potential alterations for its new owner!

If you’re ready to consign with us, make an appointment to get started! If you have any questions about the consignment process or are unsure if your dress is something we will be able to accept into our inventory, please send us an email and include a photo of your dress to