Hi! I’m Melissa Wiess. I am the founder of Sewrenity Creations and I am a bridal alterations guru. I’m new at this blogging business so for my first post, I’d like to tell you a lil’ bit about myself and how my love for fashion and sewing came about…… I have been in and out of the fashion and design scene for 20 years now. I say ‘in and out’ because, up until about 5 ago, my love of sewing and helping people with their personal projects was just a hobby – I loved doing this but I wasn’t really sure I would be able to make a full living from it. Back in high school I was extremely close with my sewing teacher Mrs. Harder. She was a phenomenal teacher with tons of passion for the sewing and arts community and she always pushed for the very best. She taught me things well beyond teenage curriculum and I owe her for teaching me so many skills that have helped me become the business woman I am today. Of course, back then my career goals were slightly different and I had the big dreams to becoming a psychologist, not a full time seamstress. Never the less she always supported me in any way she could through student teaching opportunities, extra credit and bonus projects. My entire grade 12 year consisted of me student teaching grades 7 through 11 sewing Home Ec. as well as taking the year to help all my friends with our grad gown dreams.

Through all that I did still continue on to go to university to study psychology, a decision that which I think, has helped me understand my clients (and myself) a bit more than the average business woman. Once completing my psychology courses I found myself with more questions than answers about who I wanted to be. I started taking on sewing jobs for friends and family but with the question still in the back of my head of ‘will this work?’. with an end career goal finally in mind, I got a job with the Winnipeg School division as well as a local electrical company managing admin while I slowly started to get back into sewing more and more.

A big change point in my life had to come when I was thinking up the name of what I wanted my business to be called. Something catchy.. something quirky.. something that held meaning to me. After bouncing back and forth between some pretty awful name ideas (think business names with the name ‘Melissa’ in them -shudder-) the final name came to me in a dream (no really it did!). Sewrenity Creations; named after the person most precious to me, my daughter Serenity. After all I was planning this business for her. A way to spend time at home and watch her grow up while showing her that you can have a career that you are absolutely passionate about and love.

From that point onwards, I had a lil’ community of followers, helpers and supporters and opportunities started to come my way. The ishhh got real when I finally was able to answer my own million dollar question – ‘Who am I?’ Some people might call it a mid-life crisis but I would call it re-connecting with myself. Now here I am finally taking my passion seriously, finding and fixing all the gaps in my business, ticking off ‘Start a sewing blog’ off of my extensive checklist and ready to embark on everything that is going to come my way. Fast forward a few years since Sewrenity Creations first started and here I am still climbing all these mountains, searching high and low just like how the mother superior from ‘The Sound of Music’ preached. So much has happened…….I have experienced a lot of highs, some not-so-fun lows. I’ve had to deal with the stressful nature of building my own business from scratch and on my own. My personality evolved and the biggest transformation of all my own self-growth and self-development. On the other hand some things haven’t changed. I still dress in oversized pajamas when I feel like it and play MEAN dress-up with my daughter. I’m using every spare hour outside of family time to really get my work out there while learning the industry. And I absolutely FREAKIN lovin’ it!! The wedding vendor community is truly special and I am so blessed to call so many of them my friends. When I found my true calling as a Seamstress, I pushed myself even further with fashion and it helped me build on my self-confidence that had been knocked down so often in the past. In my typical unexpected moment of realization I finally figured out who I am. I am doing what I love doing – sewing, creating, experimenting, pushing fashion boundaries….. living.

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